Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Obituary--By Colan Hiatt--United States

The Obituary

As I observed the obituary page
One column was extremely long
Many short anecdotes were proclaimed
Of the executive, who now is gone

Since his teens, the records show
Many accomplishments he had made
Plaques, and awards, he had amassed
He was top of the list, in his trade

All this is to be admired
If priorities have been aligned
But as I search for spiritual status
No records did I find

Matthew 7:1, tells me not to judge
I cannot discern his heart's intent
But could it be that Luke 12: 16 - 21
Would be his plight, when life is spent

If you're critical of my analysis
Then read Matthew 6:19 - 21
Only what we have done for Christ
Will be important, when day is done

Colan Hiatt resides in Mt. Airy, NC. with his wife. A retired electronic technician, he has been writing for several years. Most all the poetry, is derived from observing "down-to-earth" events that occur around us. A personal "mini-story" is often associated with the majority of compositions. Usually a metaphor is found with spiritual implications that portray God as the ultimate solution to life's problems. To direct the reader to this "Source", is the desired goal.


  1. Wow, a very poignant read here, Colan. I guess we humans tend to only execute on human things in this material life we live. But, somewhere, we missed the boat, given all the homeless and the hungry all over this lad. Where is the justice in that? S

  2. I like how you gave us Bible verses to read within your poem. That is very intriguing and wondrous. Thank you for your lovely piece.