Friday, May 22, 2015

Peacekeeper's Tears Still Darkle--By Elly Wouterse--Netherlands

Peacekeeper's Tears Still Darkle

fathers or mothers, sisters or brothers
uncles or aunts , sons or daughters
when in uniform
on behalf of their leaders and relying on their mates
afar from their home and loved ones

peacekeeper's lamed druthers
decreed military yachters
with a tent as a dorm
stationed at designated states
on guard for safer places under burning suns

a reality that, at times, thoroughly bothers
tucked tears forming invisible waters
every sound, flood or storm
might cause intense and painful dates
continued in countless affiliated reruns

each panicking moment hopefully smothers
with the help of human or canine spotters
such a lifesaving warm swarm
of invaluable fates
muting bit by bit the perpetual thud of guns

Dutch poetess Elly Wouterse is oftentimes focused observing the world surrounding her. While watching, noticing, listening, thinking, dreaming and - or fantasizing she often finds the inspiration resulting in Poetical Visuals published on her own website - and in her first publication, Between Moonset and Sunrise.


  1. Wow, this poem is incredibly awesome and so timely, which I assume from which you got your inspiration. Life and the world become the best muse for which we writers could ask. If you are new to Whispers, Elly, Welcome! S

  2. You have delighted me with your inspiring poem. What a fantastic piece.

  3. This is a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing it.

  4. Welcome Elly to Whispers. So glad you have joined us with your wonderful talent. I thoroughly enjoyed this timely poem since today is Memorial Day here. We have so many to thank for our freedoms won by lives given for love of country.