Monday, January 11, 2016

LA PLAGE (Muriwai, New Zealand)--By Isha Wagner--New Zealand

LA PLAGE (Muriwai, New Zealand)

Day stretches itself looming hardly
To the flapping leaves of the cabbage trees
In the warm summer breeze that blows
The gravel winding road to the black sand beach
Filled with sky, gulls, ocean
Glistening emerald under the canopy of
Molten metal. A ridge of darker
Blue edges the horizon and I know that
All seen is not the real sight these eyes
Pine for but will do till I awake with
Newly-sharpened vision to feast upon the
Lightning glow of a soft inner world

My feet burn on the hot iron sand
As we shuffle along clutching keys
That guard coffee and cake, I see
a crowd of swimmers who plunge and yell
Revelling their bodies in white foam

I am astounded, once again, at the
Strangeness of the human form
Measuring out its mortal days.

Isha Wagner is a New Zealand poet. She has resided in many countries including Iceland, Libya, India, and Australia.  She read some of her work at the VIII International Poetry Festival held in Granada, Nicaragua, in February 2012. She has had three collections of poetry published. 


  1. Dear Isha,
    I love to read poetry that shares the depth of nature as this one does. I was enthralled from beginning to end! I will be a fan and look forward to reading more of your wonderful work! Have a blessed 2016. Aloha, Connie

  2. Have taken to this piece very easily. I liked the thoughtfulness and observation, abundant between the poem's lines. Thank you for sharing, Ralph.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it here. - Laura M Kaminski