Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Storefront Display--By Colan L. Hiatt--United States

The Storefront Display            

In a remote and quaint little country town
Shops dominated the one-way street
Merchants sought to promote their wares
With other vendors, they must compete

Clothing, food and antique shops
Novelties for tourist were galore
Often live music could be heard
In a section of the music store

As occasions and seasons did arise
The display, they would rotate
Reflecting changes and the latest fad
Enticing shoppers, to investigate

The question in life might arise
Does our "storefront" promote the inside
Of events of our daily life
Or are there areas, we wish to hide

Are we as a candle in the night  *
Dispelling gloom and dismay
On the street, what do "shoppers" see
When viewing our, "storefront display"

(* Matthew 5:15-16)

Colan L. Hiatt’s ultimate prayer and desire is that any and all poetic writings that he endeavors to present, would depict Christ as "the answer" to life's problems. May they offer hope and encouragement to pilgrims along the road of life.


  1. An intriguing poem, Colan. Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  2. yes, I wonder indeed... well written poem

  3. Colan,
    A great poem. I enjoyed reading it a lot!
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

  4. Very good poem Colen, Thanks for posting.
    I enjoyed the read.
    Knight Writer

  5. Love it, Colan. Beautiful images that provoke thought. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!


  6. The poem flows with a pleasant beat and the words say everything by evoking thoughts within the reader's consciousness. Emile.