Sunday, July 1, 2018

Tribute to My Colleagues—Inge Wesdijk—The Netherlands and Jack Horne—England

What to joy to share Whispers with my talented colleagues.  Jack and Inge enhanced our online journal’s experience and allowed us more time to share the gift of writing with others. Both, experienced writers, provided a diversity and crossed borders to expand our journal’s horizons. Their willingness to share their light has been a blessing in my life.

I chose a poem from each of them below.  Please stop by and thank them for the hours and hours they put into Whispers. Thank you so much Inge and Jack for the experience of working with you.

Blessings and best wishes,


Delicate Dreams
By Inge Wesdijk

In the upper drawer
of my small cabinet
I stored them, safely
Afraid otherwise
they might get lost
When times are tough,
my secret cache opens
and I cherish myself
by the warm compassion
of my delicate dreams


Hospital Cafe:
By Jack Horne

Sorrow sat at this table;
tears dripped down onto it
from eyes too blurred to see,
as trembling fingers fumbled 
with a bereavement booklet,
and pale lips sipped tea
that tasted only of loneliness.

Those at other tables turned away
fearing sorrow should sit with them...



  1. Both such lovely poems from such lovely poets.

  2. Both entries are classic, spotlighting pictures from the other side of life.

    Infinite thank you to Inge and Jack for their diligence and dedication toward Whispers. Best wishes to both in current and future projects.

    Michael Todd

  3. Each poem captures the emotions and what we hold onto of this time of closings and partings, even as they were written for something else. How beautiful is poetry that exceeds the boundaries of even the poets' imaginings! Thank you all again and again!

  4. Dear Karen, it was such a pleasure for me being able to post poetry for your poetry blog, my friend! Yes we all have to look forward, but this does not mean that we'll forget what Whispers meant for us. Great that you have chosen these poems by Inge and Jack. I already finished a new manuscript with 27 pictures and haiku for publication in September as a hardcover edition. It will be also available as an e-book. All editions will be also sold in the USA,Canada and Great Britain. At the moment I am working on two other manuscripts, a revision of my Czech Diary of 1999 and crime stories. We'll keep in touch, my friend.

    All the best, love and blessings,


  5. Thank you Jack and Inge for your huge effort to support Whispers and all of its friends. I wish for you both that the wind always blows behind you as step out into the future. Best wishes, Annie xx

  6. Karen, Inge, and Jack,
    Thank you for h time you spent reviewing my poems or thinking up ne challenges and especially to you Karen, for posting all the poems. This place wil be missed. It is a shame how family0friendly webzines and print journals are slowly going out of business for one reason or another.
    David Fox

  7. Thanks Jack and Inge for all your hard work, but most of all thank YOU Karen for giving us all that precious gift of being able to share our words in @Whispers' sending you my love Karen:-) Jan in the Isle of Man xx

  8. Two well-written poems with vastly different emotions by two gifted poets. Thanks, Inge and Jack, for guiding this community. All the best in the future. s

  9. Thanks to Karen, Inge and Jack. I have really enjoyed reading other people's poems and the fun activities offered.
    Blessings to you all!

  10. Thanks for the lovely poetry. In the last two years I have been in hospital cafe's too many times. My thanks to all for all you have done. I am sad about losing Whispers.
    Caryl Calsyn

  11. Thank you Karen, Inge and Jack for all the effort you have put into Whispers, making it such a treasured space for so many. Inge, I really enjoyed your poem, great sentiment. Jack, wow, I was right there with you, excellent write. Thank you both for helping Karen carry on the Whispers tradition and I wish you all the best of everything in the future.

  12. Thanks very much to all of you for the lovely comments - you all know my email address if you want to say Hi anytime : )
    It was a pleasure working with you, Karen, & you too, Inge - love you both. May God bless you both with better health in the future xx

  13. Wonderful poems by wonderful colleagues that worked together perfectly. I have so enjoyed each of your efforts and hours spent in giving each of us opportunities to grow Many thanks and many best wishes in your continuing efforts to bless the lives of others through your talents.
    Blessings to you,
    flowing from my heart,

  14. Both the porms are beautiful and touched my heart. Thanks to both poets for their contribution. Grateful to you Karen for Whispers and will miss it lots.. Best always

  15. Both poems are beautiful, and I, too, want to thank you for your love and dedication. You helped sustain a wonderful site and continued to help Karen build community.

  16. I love both of these poem tributes! I have only connected for a very short time, but I have enjoyed my interactions with all of you. Thanks for all you have done and will continue to do elsewhere.
    Karen, thanks for making their presence possible on Whispers.

  17. These are both beautifully written and speak volumes of emotion, wonderful stuff--love it.

  18. Both your poems touch us emotionally, Inge & Jack. Thank you for helping out when the going got hard, thus affording Whispers a temporary reprieve. Blessings to you both. ~ paul