Saturday, June 30, 2018

Celebrating Our Blessings--By Karen O'Leary--United States

Dear Whispers’ Family,

It has been a joy to share Whispers with you.  Despite it is the season for our online journal to close tomorrow, new opportunities await our talented contributors.  Thinking of the last 5 ½ of sharing the gift of poetry, has me smiling. It’s time to spread your wings, my family.  I hope some of you will stay in touch.

I will be sending you closing thoughts tomorrow.  I hope you allow me some extra emails as we celebrate the gift of words.  Please congratulate our new writers for June! (below) 

Wishing you the best always!  Happy Writing!

Karen, your editor



                                                Miranda Lloyd-Gregg, England          
                                                Eliza Segiet, Poland 
                                                Artur Komoter, United Kingdom--Translator
                                                Kelly Sauvage Angel, United States   
                                                deb y felio, United States 
                                                Lucy Wight Farmer—United States


  1. Karen,
    I will miss this site, but hopefully not our friendship. I know you are in an unhealthy state right now, but my e-mail is always open should you wish to e-mail me. I will pass on any encouraging words I have to you. Thank you for publishing my poetry and helping me promoting my magazine, although there were very few "takers."
    Your friend,
    David Fox

    1. Dear David,

      Thank you for your kind words and for your support at Whispers. Wishing you the best always.


  2. Karen -

    What a gift you and Inge and Jack have been for my brief residency at tis site. May you now be the recipient of the love and encouragement you have provided to this community in the days ahead. Prayers over and around you.


    1. Dear deb,

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope our paths cross again.

      Best wishes!


  3. The 1st of July will never be the same again, Karen! I will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am forever indebted to you, especially for your kindness and encouragement. God bless...paul

  4. well, you know that we'll always keep in touch, Karen - it's a sad time to wave bye bye to Whispers, but I'm sure I speak for many in saying 'the old gal' will be remembered with fondness

  5. Yes, dear Karen, as Jack wrote: We'll be always in touch, my friend!
    Although it is sad that whispers will close, but I think that all of us are grateful to you to give us the chance to publish our poetry in the past.
    I also hope that Whispersinthewind-blog won't be closed for reading in the future.
    Take good care, my friend!

  6. Dear Karen
    Thanks for your whispers addition to my life & thanks Inge & Jack
    as a great part of Karen's Team
    Knight Writer

  7. Whispers will always be in our hearts. What a true, uplifting and lasting gift. All my love, Nila

  8. Nila's words are my words. We will miss you, are grateful that you published our poems, that you gave so much of yourself to each of us. Thank you dear friend. I know we'll stay in touch.

  9. Thank you Karen for all you have given all of us, I will miss visiting Whispers, but look forward to staying in touch and sharing the gift of words and friendship. Wishing you every happiness in all you do and thanks for the great memories!

  10. Yes indeed, Whispers will be missed, but thankfully not our friendship. What a blessing you as well as your God inspired site has been. You will continue to be a special consideration in my prayers and thoughts my very special friend.
    Love, Charlene