Sunday, June 1, 2014

Caring--By Beth Winchcombe--England


Whatever I have,
may not be much,
but I give it with love
I give you my time.
I listen, because I care.
You're my friend,
I'll always be there,
for you!
I'll dry your tears,
help to dispel your fears.
Wherever you travel,
I'm your shadow.
That's what friends are for,
always, evermore!
The world would be a better place,
if the whole human race,
cared for each other
like a brother.
Shalom....peace be with you.

Beth Winchcombe is now a retired housewife and enjoys writing poetry, also painting in oils.  She lives in Derbyshire, England.


  1. Hi Beth,

    A lovely poem to read today and sounds like someone is fortunate to have you as a friend as your "caring" poem shows. Thank you for sharing your poetry with us today.

    Sandra Stefanowich

  2. Hello, Beth, a pleasure to meet you here on Whispers! Your poem details the awesome bond of friendship that comes without strings in total acceptance and sharing. There is always a certain security in such a friendship and it does wonders for the soul! Thank you, Beth, hope to see you more often on Whispers! Sheri /

  3. Welcome Beth, love your friendship poem!
    Very touching! sounds like your a very giving
    and loving person. Mary

  4. Dear Beth, "Time" is one of the best gifts we can bestow. You know someone cares for you when they listen and help dry your tears. This strikes home for me because my wealthy sister gives gifts freely, but she often doesn't make time to listen or care. She and I are working on this together. I was very moved by your wonderful poem! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    Love and blessings,

  5. Thank you, Isha Wagner, for the following--

    The poem CARING is just lovely, full of the caring sentiment we wish for in our friendships but so seldom find. Most friendships are conditional in some way or other and when we know this we feel much hurt. Beth's poem expresses unconditional love and thus is such a pleasure to read.

    Yours sincerely
    Isha Wagner

  6. From Beth Winchcombe--

    Dear Karen,

    Maybe you could thank everyone for me who's commented on my poem. I would really appreciate that.

    Bless you,

  7. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    beautiful tender write, my friend, full of the sentiments of true friendship

  8. Very touching poem, Beth. You have went inside the individual's heart, tugging at how good our God, family and friends are in our life. Friends will be there for you. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  9. Hi Beth, beautiful poem...You described what a TRUE friend should be. I enjoyed reading your inspiring words. God bless, Chris~

  10. Lovely sentiments, Beth. So enjoyed your write where friendship's bond is given due importance. God bless. // paul

  11. Amen. A beautiful write. We all need friends like that. All we need is love and more caring, and understanding. Really enjoyed your fine poem. Keep it up. Best wishes. Pete.

  12. Beth, "Caring" is a wonderful soft hopeful poem. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


  13. Such a joy to read, We could all do with friends like that. A poem that left me feeling good. Derbyshire is sure a wonderful place I live nearby. thank you so much for sharing. take care. Warm best wishes. Pete.