Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In the Clouds--By Zona Rowand Lawrence--United States

In the Clouds

The clouds crown a glow
of sunlight fading at eve
behind grey mountains

Clouds of smoky sun
above earth sea and mountains
wispy puff dragons

The cloud dragon came
spitting fire to the mountains
blue sky floats above

Raindrops on cobwebs
glisten like tiny diamonds
natures gems exposed

Sun breaking through clouds
creates silver dablooned seas
treasure untold waits

After many years as a stage performer, Zona found she enjoyed writing. She studies at Paradise Valley Community College.  Her work has appeared in several anthologies at the school and elsewhere. In 2004, she won $20,000.00 for her poem, “Indiscriminate Sestina.”  She and her husband, Jack, are creating a Diet by Poetry Journal to help whittle away those pounds with a little rhyming fun. Last year in the Paradise Review her poem, “If He Had Hit Me”, won third place and her one act play, “A Shaggy Dog Story”, won second place.


  1. Dear Zona,

    We see many different things in cloud formations, always a source of intrigue for me. I love the way you describe the "dragon" in your poem. I'm not surprised you have been receiving awards for your poetry as well as your one-act play. Great writers (like Shakespeare) often work in more than one medium. What talent you have! Thank you for sharing this uplifting and creative poem.


  2. Hello, Zona, my friend! It is grand to read you again here on this Whispers on-line journal. Your Haiku is perfection! I am honored to read and comment for you! Your friend, Sheri /

  3. I've been enjoying a couple poems this month, here at Whispers, that speak about clouds and I am enjoying your work, too, Zona. Nicely written. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  4. Hi Zona! Congratulations on a fine set of haiku where clouds are given pride of honour. I bow to your talent! // paul

  5. Zone, you have captured the magnificence of clouds with these verses; beautifully done, they totally mesmerize the reader. Pam