Saturday, June 28, 2014

Great Lone Tree, So Beautiful--By Robert Lindley--United States

Great Lone Tree, So Beautiful

Great lone tree standing in the middle of Harper's lot
  weathering all attacks from so many enemies it has got
Struck eleven times by lightning in as many years
  last one burned so hot that sap burst forth like tears!
First plague was ten thousand locusts eating it's fruits
  next came grub worms devouring it's sweet tender roots
After that first fire came burning high above it's trunk
  then came the woodpeckers pecking out chunk by chunk!
Next the teenage boys driving in nails for a playhouse
  adding to the big holes bored so deeply by a wood mouse
Second fire burned it's trunk until hard rain put it out
  followed by six years of county's hottest, longest drought
Great lone tree had weathered so many terrible attacks
  insects gnawing ever deeper it's long and deep cracks
So many years it giving it's fruit and comforting shade
  it's life beaten but that majestic beauty never did fade
Great lone tree stood reaching ever upward to Mother Sky
  enduring all while so stubbornly refusing to ever die!

Robert Lindley is poet from the Southern USA. He has been writing poetry since 1969. Robert writes with the intent to offer others words to enjoy and with high hopes he may inspire and brighten lives in some way.


  1. OMG, Robert! The will to live is so strong and I know the tree is a metaphor for this but if one thinks about it, the tree IS life, it IS live and what we do to them, mankind, that is, is totally unthinkable and unbearable in the reality! Your poem gives me goose bumps and the visuals of the cruelty it has endured over many years' time, is unthinkable and unforgiveable, too! I am so happy and pleased to SEE you here on this wonderful on-line journal of Whispers! What a blessing you are to this writers' world! Sheri /

  2. Dear Robert,

    Welcome to Whispers! I am happy to see you already have a insightful comment on your creative and well-written poem. I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.


  3. Well done Robert, such a wonderful visual write. I love trees, and that tree is remarkable. and your excellent poem, made me realise just how remarkable they are and all they have to endure. A beautiful piece of writing I really enjoyed. Best wishes. Pete.

  4. Dear Robert,
    There are times when we ourselves feel like this lone tree that has been battered and bruised. Life endures as we face the challenges and continue to flourish. Your poem is written artistically with creative imagery and has a message to which many of us can relate. What a gem!

  5. Very nice. Thank you for sharing this delightful piece. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  6. Hi Robert! Glad to see you on here as well! Hope you enjoy your stay. This is a lovely poem that you posted here. Sometimes I wonder how we do manage to survive! Have a nice day. // paul

    1. Thanks to all that have left such wonderful comments.
      So nice to be here and get to read the great poems
      written by so many very talented artists!

  7. Thank you Paul. So nice to see you are here contributing. Have a wonderful week my friend!

  8. Wow, I love this! Nicely done. You wrapped this up just beautifully. This was fun to read.

  9. Robert,
    Wonderful, and in metrical rhyme too, something I rarely accomplish! Good job!

  10. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following--

    Robert - love the story in this touching write

  11. Roberet,

    I enjoyed reading your work about the oak which I am sure you are comparing to another's life..The oak was tough, strong, and beautiful as well..Its strength must have come from a very strong heart..

    Sara Kendrick