Saturday, December 6, 2014

Inner Calm--By George L. Ellison--England

Inner Calm

When I first felt this woodlands balm
It filled my soul with inner calm
My mind let all my thoughts run free
To compose  inspired poetry

To be at one with mother earth
To hear the stream, see spring’s rebirth
See blossoms bud on branch and stem
In my hideaway from mayhem

To think of naught but verse and rhyme
Enter my world time after time
To smell the scented woodland air
Be contented without a care

Against an oak tree trunk I lean
Feel the centre of my being
As an inner calm takes its hold
My thoughts touch new ideas so bold

My pen rests on the open page
As I look at my words so sage
I taste a berry and peruse
Newly written text I did choose

George L. Ellison is a writer of poetry and  short stories. He as published two books called Poetic Reminiscences and Weaving Words.  George lives with his wife and dogs in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham in England. He is a member of The Writers and Poetry Alliance. He is currently working on his new project as well as learning to play the saxophone at the Sage Gateshead!


  1. George, I really enjoyed the peaceful feeling I got when I read your well written poem.
    Thank you for sharing your talent here on Whispers. Looking forward to reading more of your poems.

  2. Thank you, Beth Winchcombe, for the following--

    This written piece extols the meaning of life and feelings. It conveys a contented mind, quite difficult to find in the present generation.

  3. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following--

    Yours is a wonderful poem to peruse in my relaxation time. Thank you for the trip to your inspiration Shangri-La, George. So well written and your words inspire me.

    Bob D

  4. Hi George...this poem is not only calming and serene, it also appeals to the senses. Very inspiring. // paul

  5. George, looks like you become very inspired by the outdoors. Nature is the best of muses! Sheri

  6. How lovely this poem is George. it put me into the setting in a mesmerizing way. Just beautiful! Happy Holidays, Connie

  7. Nicely done, George. Very poetic and delightful. Nice painted picture. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (