Friday, December 12, 2014

Musings--By Brian Strand--England


We forget so easily life’s reality,
vulnerable, alone we stay transfixed
by memory, frayed. Musings of the mind,
experience, past & present
lingers long. A reality that ebbs
and flows as morning mist.
Just out of reach shadows persist,
circumstance moves on, twenty-four
hours remain a day. Our times change,
inside we stay the same, as players
not spectators in the game.

Brian Strand has created short poetic forms including 'broken monoku' (a haiku variation) and 'footle' (a trochaic monometer with witty, topical, etc themes) and Captioned Cartoon, an Ekphrasis combining his art and poetic interests. He has published a seven kindle ebook series Poetic forms; A Strand of Verse; My Choice Strand Verse; A Strand Guide; Christianity Explained; A Strand critique; and Captioned Cartoon Ekphrasis. Brian has written nearly 200 Amazon reviews and is a Wiki poetry and art editor.


  1. Hi, Brian, I like how your "Musings" verse carries a message. It is funny how we are all such individualists and yet, go through almost the same emotions and reactions. Life is a barrage of experiences and sometimes there is a "calm before the storm" - yet, we are so adaptive and hold memories so dear to us that somehow it gives us the strength to grow and to carry on! Wise words! Sheri

  2. Yes Sheri God made each of unique yet we share much humanity in common.Rgds Brian

  3. Brian,
    "inside we stay the same, as players
    not spectators in the game."I believe that we continously change or become stagnant..For most the change is growth in one direction or another..I would hope for everyone that the change is only for good for that person and for society as a whole..

    I enjoyed reading your work..Always a work of art..


  4. This is how so much of life is, yet when we do challenge ourselves it can be such a rewarding experience too. We just tend to forget to do so and that is what this poem is reminding me.


  5. Your words "inside we stay the same" ring so true. Only the body changes and we can not do the things we loved doing when we were young, but memories keep that vitality alive no matter the age. A very nice poem Brian. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Connie

  6. Thank you Sara/Pam &Connie for your kind words about this poem and your always welcome comments on my endeavours

  7. Hi Brian. Nice work. I enjoyed every line and verse. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  8. Brian,

    Enjoyed reading your work..Thanks for the honor of being in the list of broken monoku..I appreciate you reading and finding mine worthy of being there..


  9. we want to "touch" our ideals as they flow around us