Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sleigh Ride--By Mary A. Couch--United States

Sleigh Ride

Sleigh bells
jingle in night
as black horse trots through snow.
Leaves tracks along woodlands white road,
stops for a moment. I breathe in pine scent,
feel chilled wind wrap me in its arms,
know warm fire awaits me,
woods echo with
sleigh bells.

Mary A. Couch resides in Noblesville, Indiana, and works as an Admin Assistant for Taylored Systems, Inc. a local telecommunication company. She is the Premier Poet for the Indiana State Federation of Poetry Clubs, and she learned poetry from her mother and two grandmothers who were writers, artists and storytellers. She has been published in a variety of venues.


  1. A wonderful Richtameter, Mary. Very cleverly written and visually expressed! A joy to read! Sheri

  2. This is a Beauty Mary! Happy Holidays to you and yours, Connie

  3. A lovely, peaceful ride--gorgeous poem! A Blessed Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Hi Mary. Very nice imagery to a wonderful poem. I actually just got through listening to the song, "Sleigh Ride." Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (