Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon in November--By Jan Oskar Hansen--Portugal

Tuesday Afternoon in November

Well this is, the ending of another day I’m looking out
of the window the road is clean and tidy after rain.
The sun is coming out of hiding and strews golden dust
on the window ledge, it is a sort of thank you since I’m
taking care of a sunray I found huddled behind the gas
bottle in the back yard. It was too cold for it to get back
so I put it under my bed – I need only one blanket now-
so there are times being kind can be helpful.

The sunray, not talkative, hides behind the china I bought
for my daughter’s wedding only I never had a child; it
was a dream I mistook for the real thing; but never mind
the cleaning lady likes to drink tea and pretend she is
a grand dame. It is darker outside than inside so I light the fire,
drink a cup of coffee, at this end of a beautiful day

Jan Oskar Hansen is a published poet from Portugal.


  1. Hi, Jan, your poem is a wonderful combination of nostalgia and sprinkled with a little bit of humor, too. This is a wonderful caricature of human nature which your words paint. Always grand to read you! Sheri

  2. Jan, I really enjoyed your nostalgic poem. Thank you for sharing your talent with us here on Whispers. Charlene

  3. Hi Jan. I like your poem. I love the nostalgic feel of it. Very nice. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (