Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In Memory with Love--Beth Winchcombe--October 2, 2015--England

British Summertime

You put the clocks forwards,
You put the clocks back,
How are we meant to keep on track?
The morning will now be light,
And the evenings dark!
How are we meant to get it all right?
Why can’t we just leave the clocks alone?
Twenty four hours is all we have when all’s said and done.
Twenty four hours in each and every day
Is quite enough for anyone, I’d say,
The clocks were put back last night—
Today has been so long, although it had shorter hours of light!


Dear Whispers Family,

It is a pleasure to share another poem in tribute to Beth. Sadly, we said good-bye to her in October. Beth embraced the Whispers community, supporting and caring about others with her kind heart.  She was a blessing in my life.  Beth shared her gift of words for monthly activities, collaborative poems, individual poems, and uplifting comments for other writers. She was our September Poet of the Month, an honor she richly deserved. She touched my heart. Thank you, to her husband, Geoff, and Jack Horne for allowing me the honor of publishing this poem.         --Karen O'Leary, Editor


  1. As Geoff said, you're keeping Beth's name out there. Thanks so much, my friend xx

  2. Dear Jack,

    Thank you for making it possible to continue to share Beth's work. In addition to being a talented writer she was a kindhearted woman who was quick to support and encourage others. Through her words she lives on.


  3. Jack and Karen,
    Thanks for keeping Beth's words alive! She is surely missed!
    Your fried,
    David Fox

  4. Beth's lovely words live on for all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing her poem with us Karen. Chris~