Saturday, December 26, 2015

Poetry Aloft--By Diana Dalton--United States

Poetry Aloft

Up in the attic
Useless static
Old clutter
In my nutter

My poor brain
Driven insane
Tossing the old
Fables told

Junk forsook
A renewed look
Still & profound
Peace is found

Diana Dalton was born in England. She grew up loving the county side which later developed and inspired her desire to capture those beautiful moments which she does through her poetry, her spiritual nature and photography. Though not a prolific writer Diana has had her poems read on Dutch radio, and has been featured in some American compilations of poetry. She will dabble and challenge herself with some recognized forms, yet most often, Diana likes the freedom of words and will take some poetic license even to inventing non existent words together with her husband and fellow poet, Yancy Dalton.

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  1. ooh I have empathy with you Diana, poetry writing does get you like this:)