Sunday, December 13, 2015

Seven Layers--By Sara Kendrick--United States

Seven Layers

To taste your tender essence once again
Springy, warm, lovely vanilla infused
Once more to travel the road to attain
A delightful thin slice of fudge suffused

Memories how they cling to your presence
Maybe create sweet impressions of my own
Lasting through time, problems, awesome pleasance
Could my life continue through a subtle sweet tone

Seven layer fudge frosted cake still draws
A picture in the mind's eye of mother
In the kitchen cooking without a pause
My life, her presence did surely color

Memories of seven layer fudge iced cake
To my humble grave assuredly take

Sara Kendrick married young and had a family soon after. After her last child went to school, she decided to pursue her GED. A gentlemen who worked with the GED program encouraged her to enroll in college.  She worked part time and cared for her family in addition to her studies. She graduated from Mercer University. Several years ago, after a health crisis, she started writing poetry.  


  1. Sara, your poem is one of the loveliest I have read here. I was moved by your memories of your mother. Funny how scents are able to instantly return us capturing memories. Mele Kalikimaka! You are a talented writer. Aloha,Connie

    1. Connie,

      Thank you for your visit to my work..I am honor from the wonderful review..


  2. love this tribute to a lovely lady & her cooking