Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rainbow--By Constance Escobar--United States


Standing closer to the rainbow
Now where did the rain go

I'm feeling better than ever
Not thinking about the weather

Love and tenderness
Now wearing a flowing dress

Shining through sun and rain
Loving through happiness and pain

Forever, wherever we go
Let's take our rainbow

Constance Escobar is a writer of everything and anything that strikes her fancy. From wedding books to historical fiction and from Poetry to Romance. She writes as she is inspired and has work published in the Ink Slingers' Anthology 2014 & 2015.


  1. Constance, I enjoyed reading your work today..If only we could carry a rainbow wherever our path takes us..Sara

  2. Dear Constance,

    It is good to see you already have a lovely comment on your uplifting poem. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Best wishes with your writing journey.


  3. Dear Constance

    Weloome to Whispers, nice poem.

  4. Constance,
    A beautiful first post! Welcome to Whispers!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  5. Welcome to whispers Constance. I am a Constance too, but go by Connie. Your poem caught my eye because I live in the land of rainbows. Your poem is touching and lovely. Aloha, Connie