Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sitting Outside Late One Summer Night--By J. T. Milford--United States

Sitting Outside Late One Summer Night

On a warm August evening
Fomalhaut hangs on the south horizon
Like a lamp steadily giving off a dull yellow light
Presiding over darkness without emotion
A late stillness has set in with only
An occasional barking dog to interrupt the solitude
A time to search for faint Andromeda

After midnight there descends a silent night song
The music of light from our galaxy
Arching across the deep sky near a region
Of sparse lonely planet's and solar winds
Suddenly there appears a bright streak of light
Across the sky like a capricious roman candle
A fusion of fire and song
Sitting outside late we search the heavens
One warm summer night

J. T. Milford is a retired CPA who has just completed his first book of poetry.


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful, expressive piece. Congrats on your new book and continued success!


    1. Ken, Thank you for your kind comments and congratulations. It is most gratifying that you connected with one of my poems. Sorry for being late I am having trouble navigating the reply routine.

  2. How is it I do not know of this first book of poetry? A wonderful poem. I'm so proud of you. Your words are meaningful.

    1. JO, thank you for your help, support, kind comments and suggesting I post my poem in this website. I finally got the reply routine to work.

  3. Dear John,

    It is so good to see two uplifting comments on your creative poem, rich in imagery. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Best wishes with your writing and congratulations on your book.


    1. Karen, Thanks for the kind comment and congratulations. Your support for writing is really appreciated.

  4. J.T.,
    On these cold late fall days and nights here in New York, I would give anything for August weather again. Welcome to Whispers and I congratulate you on your book of poetry as well.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

    1. David, Thank you for your kind comment and congratulations. Fall has just arrived to south Louisiana. August lasts three months or more.

  5. nice touch here, J. T., you connect some potent images, I'm intrigued by "...silent night song, the music of light..."

  6. Dick, Thank you for your kind comment. Our galaxy gives out sound and light.I believe that song is the music of light, what our universe is made of. Something like the string theory of everything.