Friday, February 3, 2017

East Rockville in Winter--By Marianne Szlyk--United States

East Rockville in Winter

Snow falling like ash
blots out the backyard’s wet green.
Cold blasts the last leaf

that clings to the rose-
bush; the last flowers withered
to white weeks ago.

Wind pushes through glass.
Lemon-ginger steam rises
from my teacup.  I drink,

being thirsty for
tranquil winter, this season
when we are snowed in.

Marianne Szlyk is the editor of The Song Is... , an associate poetry editor at Potomac Review, and a professor of English at Montgomery College. Her second chapbook, I Dream of Empathy, was published by Flutter Press. Her poems have appeared in a variety of online and print venues, including Silver Birch Press, Cactifur, Of/with, bird's thumb, Truck, Algebra of Owls, The Blue Mountain Review, and Yellow Chair Review. Her first chapbook is available (for free) through Kind of a Hurricane Press:   


  1. Dear Marianne,
    Delightful traditional haiku series.
    Such a talent!

  2. Thank you, Michael. The haiku is a little short for me, but I like writing haiku sequences.

  3. Lovely, really enjoued this piece, thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Thank you very much, Peggy. Hope that your winter is going well!

  4. Ah, you capture that tranquil feeling of being snowed in. Very nice.

  5. Marianne,
    A lovely poem and a lovely blog you edit! I intend to send more work!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  6. Very well told Marianne, I spent a lot of winters being snowed in.
    You bring to my memories that as much as I complained, there was joy
    in my stay at the time.