Monday, February 6, 2017

Hush!--By Neil Creighton--Australia


Hush! Tread quietly and don’t disturb
For here is a moment to always treasure
For Eleanor Miette, though she’s less than one,
Is looking at books and chatting with pleasure.

Hush! Tread quietly and softly retreat,
Tiptoe gently away from this place,
For who for a moment would ever disturb
That look of pure joy all over her face.

Hush! Tread quietly and don’t disturb,
Yet linger a moment for one last little look,
For this little girl though she’s less than one
Is lost in the world of a wonderful book.

Neil Creighton is an Australian poet with a passion for social justice, a love of people and the natural world. His work as a teacher of Drama and English made him intensely aware of how opportunity is so unequally proportioned. His recent publications include Prosopisia, Poetry Quarterly, Praxis Online Mag, Silver Birch Press, Social Justice Poetry, Whispers  and "Verse-Virtual, where he is a contributing editor. He blogs at


  1. Dear Neil,
    Love this positive poem that shares your love of both children and books. Both are fascinating worlds unto themselves, no?

    1. Once again, thanks for reading and commenting, Michael. Appreciated.

  2. I'm guessing that Neil may be a grandfather. I am. I have seen that "book look" in my kids' eyes, and I have read those books to them, time after time after time...and I always let them turn the pages, and it doesn't matter if we go backwards or forwards...thanks, Neil, this one rings my chimes

    1. Indeed i am. Six. I wrote a whole series about Eleanor because she and her parents lived with us for about 9 months up until she was 13-14 months. I really enjoyed observing her development and then writing about it. thanks for your comment.

  3. "Hush!" is very good, Neil. Do not disturb the learning will. Such a
    postive look of learning from a book. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Neil:
    A lovely moment captured eloquently.
    Thanks for sharing ar Whispers.