Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lulled to Quietness--By Phyllis Babcock--Canada

Lulled to Quietness

Dawn peeks and kisses the morning sun
clouds hang suspended from heaven
the wind takes a breath and gently blows
sunlight dances creating silhouettes
as shadows slowly meander by
emerald leaves covered with cool mist
awaken to the amber rays
high tide with its foaming jealousy
swoops across the weeping shores
pounding waves roll in hypnotic beats
white sand calms and dries the tears
all lulled into serenity.

Phyllis Babcock was born in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1951 and currently resides in Regina with her husband. She has been blessed with two wonderful sons and daughter-in-laws. She has two grandsons and two granddaughters. She started writing poetry in 2004 and joined Poetry Soup site in 2006. She has been published in two anthologies, On Butterfly Wings and Snippets. Her work has also appeared on Poetry.com and in a local seniors’ newspaper. She feels writing has been a wonderful journey, meeting many new poets and writers along the way.


  1. Dear Phyllis,
    Thank you for these compelling images; I like especially,the high tide's "foaming jealousy."

  2. WOW Phyllis, What a picturesque,well written poem. I loved all your wonderful personifications; a poem that makes me want to reach higher in my quest to be a good writer. Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Love, Charlene

  3. Enoyed your piece, thank you for sharing it!

  4. I loved the word painted scenery in this gem from the title all the way through, from "lulled to Quietness" to white sand calms and dries tears, lulled into serenity. Very good Phyllis.