Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sweet Blessings--By Christine Tate--United States

Sweet Blessings

I love how the Lord sends me a treat,
unexpected and simple but always sweet...
outside my window I watch deer munch,
enjoying their supper, breakfast or lunch...
while grazing on leaves they perk up their ears,
sensitive to all the sounds they hear...
soon they start moving so gracefully
sampling the berries left on trees.
Together they travel without a care,
because God's provision is everywhere...
I don't have to wait for a big surprise,
sweet blessings pass daily before my eyes!

Christine Tate has been writing since 1994. She's the mother of 3 sons and has 8 grandchildren. She was widowed in 2007 and met her husband Artie, a widower with 6 children & 12 grandchildren, in a nursing facility where their mothers resided. They've been happily married 4 1/2 years. They describe their meeting as "God's divine appt." because of their faith, and the fact that they swore they'd never marry again.


  1. Dear Christine,
    Thank you for the timeless message of your poem as well as your delightful scheme of end-rhymes.

  2. Thank you Michael for taking the time to read my poem. I appreciate your comment very much. Blessings back to you...Chris~

  3. Thank you Christine for this delightful poem. God is so good and your poem shows us an example of his love for us. Great Job!


  4. Thank you Glenda for your kind words. Yes, God is amazing & His signature is everywhere! God bless you!

  5. Dear Cristine, I enjoyed reading this astute humble poem, describing deer, nature and actions exactly right. Wise are you to know these
    sightings are all blessings from God.