Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Lesson Learned--By Colan L. Hiatt--United States

A Lesson Learned

As I lay awake at breaking dawn
A new day makes its debut 
Yesterday is but a memory 
Just now  - problems are very few 

In the stillness of the atmosphere 
I contemplate what lies ahead 
Opportunities are mine to claim 
Before another day has fled

In the distance, birds are chirping 
That's how they chose to greet the day 
Is here a lesson to be learned 
Is their outlook the proper way

Perhaps if priorities are aligned 
To begin each day with a smile 
The negative would be minimized
Many problems we could reconcile 

Lord, help me attain a better view 
Of situations that I face 
May a lesson from the little birds 
In my plans, - - find a place           

Colan L. Hiatt’s ultimate prayer and desire is that any and all poetic writings that he endeavors to present, would depict Christ as "the answer" to life's problems. May they offer hope and encouragement to pilgrims along the road of life.


  1. Beautiful words full of hope that convey such a positive, peaceful and blissful atmosphere! I particularly loved the two final lines "may a lesson from the little birds...find a place".

  2. Dear Colan,

    I think we can really learn something from the animals, they are honest and unprejudiced. Thank you for your positive words in this lovely poem.

    Best wishes,

  3. Colan,

    This is a nice write and one that touched me in a gentle way. That forth stanza really speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!


  4. what a beautiful spiritual write

  5. Very good Colan, as tweeted by the birds. I enjoyed reading
    Knight Writer