Friday, March 23, 2018

March Activity Feature--Word Bank--Hosted By--Jack Horne--Whispers’ Activity Feature Editor

Our editorial team was excited to see where the Word Bank activity would take you all. I enjoyed each and every single one! Thanks to everyone who took part. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did!


To use the following words (variations of the words like streamed, streaming, etc. are acceptable)—


to present a poem that is relevant for a global community.

                                      --Jack Horne—Whispers’ Activity Feature Editor


Family Outing in Spring

Bright flowers line the banks they walk
As their shaggy dog splashes in the stream.
Jumping out he runs back and shakes himself,
Water droplets fly, glinting in the sun,
To children’s laughter.

Nick Spargo, United Kingdom


A Child's Play

Streaming through the large living room window
the bright sunshine lit up her laughter.
She mischievously tantalized
the dog; tickling his nose
with a picked red flower.
One eye awakened;
mouth snapped at flies
his peace.

Charlene McCutcheon, United States


A Moment in Time

Walking my dog by the river
where water flows spritely, teasing
the beaming sun and wild flowers.
A contagious mood; my heart skips.
I listen to nature's laughter.

Paul Callus, Malta


Growing Awareness

past the stream
a little dog
to smell the flowers...
in the light
of the sun
he could hear
the children's laughter.

Pat Geyer, United States


Any Day

It's on any day
my heart pumping
my breath a stream of life
sunshine peaks through
trees on newborn flower petals
it’s the dogs in Cusco, Peru
no leash laws just freedom
makes me laugh, and cry
for some are near starving
new day, new visions

Jim Teeters, United States


Serving (DoubleTriodyne)

Under earth's sun serving man or dogs or both
Can be in loving laughter or heart felt love oath
Serving's a flowing stream to masterful growth

Every human being's a blooming paper flower
Using free growth to blossom hour after hour
Serving fellow mankind, growing in love power 

Yancy Lee Dalton, United States


Chasing the Winter Wind

Streams of laughter
dog the trail of the north wind,
sunny laughter chasing winter
into hibernation.  Southern breezes
lay claim to the earth--
          waiting the birds’ song,
          the tender grasses,
          newborn flowers.
Sunny laughter chases the winter wind.

Barbara Tate, United States


Laughter is Good Medicine

Sun awakens the new day
amber waves stream thru
trees dancing in the breeze
breathe in those earthy scents
do not bend to daily pressures
do not live in a dog eat dog world
laughter is good medicine
take time to smell flowers
feel the sun upon your face
greet the arrival of each new day.

Phyllis Babcock, Canada


Thoughts Out on the Porch Interrupted

As a yellow sun rises, casting
Gold upon pear’s white flowers
And the dog whines at the door a lasting
Sad refrain, one with magical powers
Spring birds’ call can entertain for hours
Sounds and beauty of this season tower

The stream’s laughter bubbles and dances fast
After rain's cold waters feed springs
Somehow joys of the season can’t last
Though right now doves' voices sing

Sara Kendrick, United States


Sunrays lighten the water
spring flowers colour the grass
childrens' laughter from near,
playing hide-and-seek
and a dog chases wild ducks resting
at the river banks

Gert Knop, Germany


Awakening world

A faint Spring sun tries to cheer
some shy flowers, a few primroses
and daffodils growing by the stream,
to expose their colorful beauty.
Our dog's encouragement exists
by sticking his nose into the early buds
with a wholehearted sneeze as a result.
Being together, cheerful laughter
while enjoying each other's company
in an awakening world

Inge Wesdijk, The Netherlands



Tears streaming down her face
Placing flowers on her daughter's grave
Recalling vividly a day of bright sunlight
When Suzanne put a chain of daisies
Around her little dog's neck
Laughing to her mother as she called out
Mummy, aren't I a clever girl.

Isha Wagner, New Zealand


90 ° and Rising…

No air conditioning,
in ’65: running through
our sprinkler, laughing
with neighborhood kids
on sunny afternoons.

Years later, Mom and I
sit, sharing the beauty
of her flowers and dogwoods,
immersed in memories,
streaming from our hearts.

Karen O'Leary, United States


Walking with Petunia
I take my dog for a walk.
Her name is Petunia.
We veer off the path
to smell the flowers.
We cross the stream,
stopping to watch  
sunrays puddle and flow. 
When Petunia chases a butterfly,  
she tumbles head over tail,
and I burst into laughter.   

Elizabeth Howard, United States 


Dog in Spring

We plait flowers, pussy willow and primrose, in the dog's collar.
He shakes his head in disgust but then relents, accepting
his shame is our offering to the gods of spring.
we baptise him in our laughter. The weak spring sun
strokes his ears, scratches him in that joyful place under his chin.
Sharply cold with snow melt, the shallow stream clatters over rocks
The dog sees his opportunity to rid himself of indignity
and plunges into the sunlit water. The current rips away
the unwelcome adornment. His soundless laughter joins our own.
Flowers, sun, dog, stream, laughter. A prayer to lead us from darkness.

Sarah Tindall, United Kingdom


I have a dear friend who is a wheelchair gardener,
she has a variety of beautiful and colourful flowers,
which she tends to herself. It was a warm sunny day
when I called to take her dog Tobias out for his walk
to the park. He will head straight for the stream and
jump in to chase the ducks, on getting out he will
shake himself vigorously getting me wet in the process.
My friend will be waiting for our return with tea and cakes,
and we will share much laughter, when I relate the
story of his antics chasing the ducks.

Jan Stalker, United Kingdom



Alongside the serene river stream;
I lie calm as my little dog hops by.
As morning Sun shines bright;
flowers bloom in most vibrant colours.
Giggling to the tune of soothing wind;
joyous butterflies subtly flutter.

While I recall those rosy days of youth,
and cherish echoes of once irresistible laughter.

Dr. Upma A. Sharma, India


  1. Dear Activity Contributors,

    I agree with Jack! These poems were a delight to share with you today. It is such a joy to see the global community sharing a wide array topics and forms to stretch and contribute to one whole. Thank you, Jack, for this wonderful column.


  2. Such a delightful set of poems. The words brought so many delightful scenes to life.
    Thanks for sharing them here. SuZ

  3. Creative group of writers. Enjoyed reading each one. Sara

  4. Lovely poems indeed - thanks to everyone

  5. Enjoyed the read and thanks to Jack for his commitment. I wish all of you Happy Easter, my friends! Love, Gert

  6. It's been a pleasure reading this assortment of lovely poems; love where the prompts lead to. Regards to all // paul

  7. The Word Bank was really fun to do, and a challenge. Very interesting how all writers interpret the five words in their poetry.
    The result: a beautiful poetry compilation
    Thank you, Jack, for selecting and collecting this creative work.

    Best wishes,

  8. Such nice work. Congratulations to all the creative minds who contributed to this wonderful activity.

  9. Jack,
    A wonderful selection of poems.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  10. That was really fun read. Creative opportunities like these are a blessing. Thank you Jack and all who contributed their amazing talents.
    Sincerely, Charlene