Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Boy Meets Girl...--By Jack Horne--England

Boy Meets Girl...

We are heroes in an unfinished novel.

When we met, I thought 
we were Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet;
meant to be together.

And when I lost your love,
I still believed we were Romeo and Juliet...
...but I hoped for a happier ending. 

Our readers are patiently waiting 
for the final chapter where we reconcile.
After all, it's our duty to live happily ever after.

We could be Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre,
or Odysseus and Penelope;
we shouldn't be apart.

So, I win you back?

Jack Horne enjoys reading and writing poetry. He is Whispers' Activity Features Editor.


  1. Clever, witty and creative, Jack! I suppose we'll have to wait for a sequel! Regards // paul

  2. Nice write Jack, enjoyed your work.

  3. Dear Jack,

    A poem with a smile and a tear. I Love it!


  4. As long as the novel remains unfinished, hope springs eternal, doesn't it? Looking forward to a happy ending.

  5. Great living mystery Jack. Hopefully we can a good ending view.
    Knight Writer

  6. How cleverly this has been thought out - how strong an emotion and pull it gives to your reader and hopefully the one you persue if it is not fictional. Keep writing.