Saturday, March 31, 2018

Triumphant--By Maurice J. Reynolds--United States


relentless pain,
sleepless nights,
feelings of dread,
voices inside my head
speak to one another,
my body seems to
coincide; repetition
magnifies the intensity,
pain censors working
overtime, pushing for
surrender; yet, there
will be no surrender,
not where hope resides;
in a place locked away
inside my heart, where
the King of Kings and
Lord of Lords still rule,
leading me to victory;
triumphant over all pain,
sickness, and disease.

Maurice J. Reynolds is a freelance writer who has had material published in various publications. He is the owner of To God be the Glory! Publications, a literary ministry that produces the poetry publication Creative Inspirations.  More information can be found at:


  1. heartfelt write, with a positive & comforting message

  2. Dear Maurice,

    Thank you for your poem, I think a lot of the readers find consolation from this poem.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you, Inge, and thank you for accepting my poem for publication here at Whispers. I appreciate you and the work you are doing here. Continued blessings to you and yours!

  3. I can surely relate Maurice, and oh my yes with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings (Love) in our hearts we will Triumph in our quest to overcome all things. Thank you for sharing the uplifing message your poem presents.
    Sincerely, Charlene

    1. Hi Charlene. Thank you for your kinds words and thoughts concerning my poem. I am glad you liked it. Continued blessings to you and yours!

  4. Dear Maurice,
    Very good take on pain. Yes our savior is our pain master.
    I enjoyed your poem.
    Knight Writer

  5. Yancy,

    Thank you for your kinds words. I am glad you enjoyed my poem. Continued blessings to you, my friend!


  6. Your welcome Maurice, You write great poetry.
    Knight Writer