Friday, March 16, 2018

The ivy covered house--By Lloyd Wayne Russell--United States

The ivy covered house

German town ancient cobbles
scattered down the pathways
of our fading past
and the beams creak
the walls crumble
a wooden floor that moans
even when the ghost refuses
to stroll upon its fading grandeur
An awkwardly snapped photo
the lone man continues his quest
a lonely life journey unravels before him
he wanders on
the cat attempts to make a quick breakfast
of a bird perched upon the rickety fence
the bird soars
the cat retreats sheepishly

Lloyd Wayne Russell is a creative writer and amateur photographer from Tampa, Florida. Wayne's work has been published in many journals and magazines, in The Literary Hatchet, Black Poppy Review, PPP Ezine to name a few. He's the founder of  Degenerate Literature, which is recently gone into a temporary hiatus.


  1. A wonderful piece, the movement and timing kept me involved til the end of the fascinating sights.

  2. I know those streets and towns well. Through your poem, I could revisit them.

  3. Dear Wayne,

    You are a very talented poet, this poem is one of the 'Muse me' poems, leaves me behind in a scene where I can imagine and dream.
    Thank you so much for sharing my friend.


  4. you paint a great picture here!

  5. Lloyd,

    I enjoyed your poem. Thank you for sharing it. Continued blessings!


  6. Wow Wayne!

    It is a joy to see all the wonderful comments on your insightful poem. Good use of multi-sense imagery and personification to share
    thoughts for our online journal/poetry community. Your good use of imagery and personification provide a creative view. Welcome to Whispers!

    I hope that you continue to share your talents with us. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.


  7. Great seines panted well on grounds of the Ivy covered house, Wayne
    Knight Writer