Monday, May 1, 2017

His Voice--By Yancy Lee Dalton--United States

His Voice
(A true story)

The two friends were driving beef cattle
When clouds gathered and thunder did rattle
So they turned their horses toward shelter
One friend’s dad was in a pickup back there
They were galloping fast when lighting struck
Only one of the two friends reached the truck
The rain had come, now the weather was norm
It took about twenty minutes, total time of storm
"Where is your friend?" asked the father of his son
As they were looking hard for the missing one
Talented dad began backtracking rain thin tracks
Son another way, yearning for his friend’s callbacks
To his astonishment, he heard Bob’s calm voice
So far away, detecting direction was no choice
The voice told him to tell his folks not to worry
That he had a mission elsewhere and wasn't sorry
"Please give my dad and mom my love," said he.
I didn’t understand how this could be
Then walked the direction of the voice of my Dad
On the ground, lay dead horse and friend, so sad

Yancy Lee Dalton is a published writer from Colorado.


  1. Dear Yancy, what a vivid description of this terrible moment!
    Best wishes, Inge

  2. Yes thanks Inge,
    I was very young when it happened, but as I studied scriptures
    It taught me a lot, that Bob was headed for the same place
    as Jesus, like he said to thief on the cross.

  3. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story Yancy. It conveys a great message! Yes, I agree, scriptures show us the WAY! God bless you, Chris~

    1. Thanks Chris,
      God bless you as well.
      It seems that I was blessed with a lot of light
      but I had to grow up a lot to understand it.