Friday, May 5, 2017

Transformation--By Hifsa Ashraf--Pakistan


opens the door of a deep valley of time
radiant colours of flowers reveal spring
grasps my attention to conceive a rhyme
imagine the colourful rainbow and swing.
subsumes my emotions into hues of sight  
scribbles a melody of dawn with soft twigs
plays with a symphonic tune of subtle light
awake creative dreams to spark and sing.
morning breeze unties the knotty thought
discloses the enthralling secrets and briefs
cleans the canvas of my heart from spots
and paints my feelings with inspiring beliefs.
spring to summer, time passes in a blink
‘tis shades of petals bathed in a subtle ink.

Hifsa Ashraf is from Pakistan. She is a lecturer and HR consultant by profession. She writes short stories, columns, and poetry in different languages (Urdu, English, and Punjabi). Her short stories have been published in a UK based English magazine. She regularly shares her poetry on G+ with different poetry communities. 


  1. Thanks Hifsa,
    for these many kinds of "Transformation" Spring brings
    I enjoyed the word painted scenery word flow and rhyme.