Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dance in Your Trials--By Charlene McCutcheon--United States

Dance in Your Trials

Gently they fall, like dew from the heavens,
Words of great comfort to my weary soul.
Thine adversity shall be but a small moment.
Endure it well and by angels it shall be told.

Fear not, if raging storms around you gather.
Black clouds; destruction seems to threaten.
Take courage child, the Lord is ever with you,
Ordering all things for your good from heav'n.

Rejoice in 'angels' that are always beckoning;
Good thoughts are sent from heaven above,
To strengthen, guide you back home to Him,
Just focus on 'angels'. Obey His offered love.

Pray, thanking Him even in all your adversity.
Dance in trials; He uses them for His purpose.
Yes! Glory in tribulation. It works patience;
Patience, experience and more hope in Jesus.

Charlene McCutcheon is a 73 year old, wife, mother of seven, grandmother of thirty and great-grandmother of 14. She has just discovered her voice through poetry within the last few years. Her former ways of expression have been through the media of arts and crafts. Her desire to share herself with others for their benefit has been the motivating factor in all her endeavors. She loves life, work, play and most of all people.


  1. What a joy Charlene to read your poetry here on 'Whispers...' The spiritual uplifting choice of words should bring peace and love to all readers who take a moment to read you.

    For those readers who enjoy Charlene's poetry, please visit 'Expressions Poetry Journal' at: where she is being featured - her poem is entitled 'THE WEED IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE WEED!'.

    Rhoda Galgiani
    Expressions Poetry Journal, Editor

  2. Thank you so much Rhoda! It is because of you that I am featured here.

  3. Thank you, Christine Tate, for the following comment--

    Wonderful wisdom in your poem, and I love the title. I've learned to dance in adversity, enduring by His grace, and in God's timing He turns things around working them out for our good. The Lord has taught me to leap over obstacles & hurdles instead of tripping over them. Thanks for a great, well written piece!

  4. I thank you too, Christine. It is a joy to come here and see your comment.

  5. Dear Charlene,

    Thank you for all the comments you are leaving for other writers and for sharing your poem. It is a pleasure to have you a part of the Whispers community. I hope you are enjoying your time spent here.