Wednesday, April 3, 2013

haiku--By Patricia Nolan--United States

pasque flowers
reflect purple mountain


pink moon month
clean up the garden - imagine
summer colors


old tapes in my head
"keep your eye on the ball"
be present     notice


moon at apogee
hear the distance
taste the darkness

Patricia Nolan serves as coordinator for the Haiku Society of America Plains & Mountains Region. She is a member of Poetry West in Colorado Springs. She paints sumi-e (Japanese ink painting), also works in oil, pastel, and acrylic and writes poems in several Asian forms, as well as other poetry, essays, and outdoor articles. Western rivers, mountains, and trails provide most of her inspiration.


  1. Thank you, Phyllis Babcock, for the following comment--

    Lovely series of haiku you have penned .

  2. Dear Patricia,

    Such a lovely series of Haiku you present. I especially love "the old tapes in my head" piece. It's right on target in such a unique fashion.