Friday, April 26, 2013

You are to me--By Anna-Marie Docherty--Wales

You are to me

A pretty thing you are to me,
more beautiful than blossom tree.
Happy and jovial you make me grin,
with you in my life I always win.

Where sands of time have all run dry,
and Heavens clouds have passed me by.
Those oceans vast I'd sail to view,
were it end of Earth I'd come find you.

Without you I'd be set to fall,
for you are to me my life, my all.
You're my loved one that I adore,
my sweetness, precious-one, amour.

Anna-Marie Docherty lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK and is often inspired by nature and the world around her. Having been writing poetry now for 4 - 5 years, her works have developed in structure and form as well as using free verse in her writing as she walks this endless art form and creativity in her thirst to further learn. Letting the pen and the muse dictate topic and form both humour, religion, nature or the serious subject might be touched upon therefore keeping the writing fresh and easy to read by those who follow. Writing both as given name above and pen name anaisnais through the net, examples of poems can be found both in Snippets, an anthology of short verse by various international poets, compiled by Karen O'Leary and Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson; also Pink Panther magazine, an anthology written by several poets and artists on feminist issues in our environment and various poems on the internet for taster.


  1. Dear Anna-Marie, I was deeply touched by your lovely poem. How lucky you are to have someone who brings such joy into your life in spite of the challenges you face together. Blessings to you, dear. Love, Carolyn

  2. Thankyou for your kindness Carolyn glad you enjoyed. Regarding challenges, each of us has our own lot and learn to adjust and grow with both the world and those around them. Many of us don't even know the depths of struggle even those around us are going through especially with todays economic climates, and yet even then sometimes we don't know just how fortunate we are compared to other countries. I think what drives us is knowing that sadly there is always someone worse off than ourselves. Personally I owe so much to the lovely people that surround me. Hope you are well, good to hear from you. x

  3. Dear Anna-Marie,

    I agree with Carolyn that this is a lovely poem, a privilege to publish. Thank you so much for all the comments you left for other writers today. Your efforts are greatly appreciated as this is what makes Whispers a community. Blessings to you.


    1. Thanking you for your thoughts Karen, it is a pleasure to be reading the works of likeminded poets some familiar and others not at all, a world of discovery awaits and Whispers a beautiful way of connecting all; thanks due to your goodself Karen for setting this blog up and bringing us together. I do hope everyone has had opportunity to check out Snippets too!