Friday, April 12, 2013

The View From the Hills--By Jack Clubb--United States

The View From the Hills

We are only here for a moment.
Look out the windows now
And imagine a kaleidoscope turning round,
Then stop at the place where this land
Will be five hundred years from now.

What will be here?
A great cluster of condominiums?
A busy city? Will there be people?
Who will they be? Will they be advanced,
Shuttling here and there in small helicopters
Or will they be primitive,
Hunting for food with bows and arrows?

Will Los Angeles be a crowded city
With great tall buildings and endless millions of people
Or will this be a land of huge, mutant ants
Bustling about their great colony?

Enjoy the windows and the view.
Today it is ours,
Tomorrow it will belong to someone else
Or something else. But today it is ours.

Jack Clubb has had short stories published in publications such as Black Creek Review, Coffee-Ground Breakfast, The Magic of Words, Northern Stars, Opinion Magazine, Rockford Review, Sunrise, The Taylor Trust, and Voices From The Valley. He has also had several hundred poems published in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. Jack is grateful every time an editor gives one of his poems an opportunity to sing or gives him the opportunity to tell a story as he writes feverishly from his century-old house at the foot of the Silver Lake Hills in Los Angeles.


  1. Nice poem... either way ("... endless millions..." or "... mutant ants...") things don't look promising... I'm not sure that "... it is ours...", it's really just on loan...

  2. Dear Jack,

    Thank you for all the kind comments you sent in for others today. It is writers like you, with generous hearts, that make Whispers possible. I really like the closing stanza in your poem. It leaves the reader with something to ponder. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


  3. Dear Jack:

    And the ants have it (kidding). Now, the world is for us to ponder and hopefully keeps the ants at bay.

  4. Thank you, John Williams, for the following comment--

    Liked your work a lot. Your poetry is always so in depth. "The View from the Hills" is an interesting and moving work which stirs thoughts of today and tomorrow...Awakening and serious questions to ponder. Thank you.