Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shuttlecock (Clerihew)--By Jane Richer--Canada

Shuttlecock (Clerihew)

William Tell has finally broken his bow
He is now giving a new sport a go
Once more he has to hit a little birdie
But no longer does he fear a smelly turdy!

Jane Richer is a poet and writer who lives in Alberta, Canada
and is so far published only online. She loves to poke fun at herself
and rather likes to write tongue-in-cheek poetry but she will dabble
in all kinds of genres to widen her creative nature. She loves to 'sister'-
(write a complimentary poem) and feels that is the greatest form of
acknowledgment and respect in expression for another poet's talent.


  1. Dear Jane,

    This is a nice poem, but not strictly a clerihew. Usually the first line ends in the name, which is then rhymed in the 2nd.

    The Swiss patriot William Tell
    afraid he'd send his son to hell
    but as he let loose his arrow
    shot him right in the sombrero

    Alan McAlpine Douglas

  2. Dear Jane,

    I enjoyed the humor in your poem. Thanks for the laugh and hope to see more humorous from you in the future.