Monday, April 7, 2014

jani johe webster--(In Memory-May 2013)--United States

for somewhere

we see dreams lost
in cloud shapes
while snow falls
in april
and we taste   the pain
that comes
from loving deeply

but smile

for somewhere
there's a pure unanxious place
where we can go
lifting us gently
across edges

Thoughts from Nila Webster--"This poem was one of my mother's very favorites. True to the poem, her hometown of Rochester, NY, had almost 10 inches of snow recently. I taste the pain of loving her deeply and missing her, yet I am comforted that she is now in a pure, unanxious place. I think of her always as happy."


  1. What an inspiring poem. Short but speaks volumes. We have lost a truly great talent.

    Shirley Smothers

  2. Nila, I can see why this particular poem was one of your mother's favorites. It is a beautiful word painting of a particular season. Your words in your comments are awesomely touch and sad and those of us who miss a loved one gone, know only too well where your words are coming from. God bless, my friend. Sheri /

  3. Dear Nila,

    This is a touching poem on sadness and loss but holding onto the hope that one day your Mother will see them again. Your comments bring the reader to understand and feel what your mother had written.

    All the best to you,
    Sandra Stefanowich

  4. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    thanks for sharing this, Nila. Your mother was so talented

  5. Thank you, Connie Marcum Wong, for the following comment--

    This poem is impressive of how talented you are. It was
    poignantly beautiful and a lovely tribute! Blessings, Connie

  6. Thank you for this lovely tribute to your precious mother. I am sure you do miss her but what a blessing that you are assured you will once again be her presence and enjoy her love and companionship. The words were poignant and touched my heart deeply for I have lost, but not forever, my own mother who was also a poet.
    Love, Charlene

  7. Thank you, Nila Webster, for the following comment--

    "Thank you to all who commented on my mother's poem for somewhere. I am deeply moved and feel a sense of solidarity, and my mother always said, this is what poets offer each other: understanding. Poets have a gift of expressing realities in new and unexpected ways, and giving language to our experiences. All the poems in Whispers are such a gift on this journey."

  8. Thank you, Nila, for sharing and continuing your mother's work. There is no doubt that she was a talented writer and an even better person. I very much enjoy her poetry. Continued blessings, my friend!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations