Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Gift from God - A Sonnet--By Elaine George--Canada

A Gift from God - A Sonnet

I am a wish, a prayer from mortal’s lips
That reached heaven and touched God’s fingertips
And returned to earth wrapped in flesh and blood
A gift from God’s unconditional love

So love and cherish me as God does you
And guide and teach me well in all I do
And through the years a garden we will grow
Filled with the fragrant beauty of the rose

And on the day I reach maturity
And feel the need like leaves to leave the tree
To show the world the colors that are me
Rejoice in all the beauty that you see

For I am your child the gift that God gave
No More than a wish and a prayer -  away.

Born in New Brunswick, Elaine George spent the early years of her life living in Lorneville (a small fishing village along the Bay of Funday) still inhabited by many of her family members.  Much of her writing is inspired by the memories of that place and those wonderful people.  She has published two volumes of poetry and is currently writing a novel entitled Out of the Darkness.  Many of her poems and short stories have appeared in magazines in both Canada and the United States. Currently she lives with her husband in Wainfleet, Ontario.


  1. Elaine,
    A very beautiful spiritual poem. I am glad to meet you. I am not sure if you are new to Whispers, but a welcome from me, even if you are not.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  2. A lovely gift of life and a warm prayer to go with it, Elaine. Beautifully expressed. ~ Regards // paul

  3. What a beautiful sonnet, Elaine. Both touching and warm. Thank you for sharing it. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  4. Its so good Elaine to see you here so Whisperers can enjoy your unique talent for words that has been my privilege over the years of our poetic friendship on the net.rgds Brian

  5. Great emotion and love and sorrow as a child grows to adult status. Wonderful flow. I look forward to other posts by you.