Monday, February 22, 2016

Not Faith--By Jim Teeters--United States

Not Faith

I swim the ocean
of collected dreams

Breathe and move
to stay afloat
not content with faith

Faith has too much intention
telling God what to do

Love calls out
tells me to open my eyes
feel warmth of sun
on my chest

Let go, let go love says
so I float in this
wet kiss embraced
by emerald ocean bliss
wildly wandering

Jim Teeters has published poetry in several anthologies. He conducts poetry workshops for children and adults and is active in poetry readings in the Seattle area through the Striped Water Poets. He is the author of six poetry collections and the book, Teach with Style, (ASTD Press July 2013). Jim is a retired social worker living in Kent, Washington.


  1. Hello Jim

    I enjoy titles and this title is interesting. I read this entry twice but that is a tribute to your words and thoughts. This entry is fine poetry. Truly. Thank you for sharing your talent. Sincerely, Ann Marie Mazzarella