Sunday, February 21, 2016

Haiku--By John McDonald--Scotland

leafless apple tree -
baubles hang
red and green

in high branches:
a bad-loser's
football boots

birthday -
the old man counts:
another card less

a quilt of leaves
trout sleep

head over heels
on the icy pavement –
decorated black and blue

John McDonald is a retired stone-mason who came to haiku in the mid-nineties. He fell in love with the genre immediately. Being a writer in the Scots language this genre fitted so well with Scots: a language steeped in rural life and having a natural succinctness to it. John has his own blog in Scots, with English versions:  He enjoys being involved in translations, working with the very fine Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock on various ventures, the most recent being translations into Irish and Scots of the great haiku poet Buson: Moon over Tagoto and has appeared in many anthologies.


  1. fine poems! send a few to bear creek haiku, if you so choose!
    ayaz daryl nielsen

  2. Really like these haiku John. Can really relate to the bad loser. Someone I was golfing with through his club and it landed in the tree. Can also relate to the decorated one. That is my husband who fell in the garage. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful poetry.

  3. These are really great, I enjoyed them all! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with Whispers! I look forward to seeing them in bear creek haiku!

  4. nicely done best wishes angelee

  5. John,
    These are great! The 1st one is my favorite!
    Your friend,
    David Fox