Friday, February 12, 2016

The Elephant in the Room--By Paul Callus--Malta

The Elephant in the Room

The big headlines cause sensation,
Media’s chosen information.
Manipulative, they entomb
the big elephant in the room.

Stress is put on the suggestive
keeping tongue and the mind active.
They sweep aside with furtive broom
the big elephant in the room.

Gain is high on the agenda
grabbing votes in referenda.
They hide, on purpose, I presume
the big elephant in the room.

Many topics are selective;
they are made to look attractive.
Who dares to tickle with a plume
the big elephant in the room?

Paul Callus is a Maltese author who writes both in Maltese and English. He has contributed to several anthologies. Apart from poetry he writes lyrics for songs and has published two books, one a story book aimed at children (related to his experience as a teacher) and a historical book based on research.


  1. Thank you for your poem Paul, It has made me smile, (albeit wryly), as it can be applied across so many global directions. I like the last two lines very much. Thank you

    1. Thank you Annie for your feedback. It is always helpful to know what others think! ~ Have a lovely weekend. ~ Regards // paul