Saturday, February 20, 2016

The King--By Marlene Million--United States

The King

At the door, a Lion stood, looking at me.
Puzzled, I wondered why he was there?
The two of us stared at one another.
I needed to move, get out of his way.

He progressed towards me; I was tense.
When he yawned, I saw his large, lion molars!
Was he tired from running long hunt
for nightly prey, stopping here to rest?

Mane of gold encircled his head,
a symbol of royalty, stateliness.
Wisdom emanated from his presence.
He stalked closer with powerful paws.

Abiding before me, he rubbed his head
against my folded arms.  His greeting
of gentleness was a soft touch of the Lamb.
The alarm jolted me from my dream.

Marlene Million is a retired insurance secretary from her husband's business and grandmother of four. She has published two chapbooks and belongs to several writers’ groups. She had a poem on display at Indianapolis Arts Garden the month of February, 2013 and has been published in a variety of venues.


  1. Wonderful poem Marlene. I know One who is as regal as a lion & gentle as a lamb, THE LORD...I enjoyed your poem. I'd like to have the same dream you described! Good wishes, Chris~

  2. Christine, the dream was surprising and wonderful! Yes, I know the One who is
    regal as a lion and gentle as a lamb.--Our Lord. An artist in our group said the lion could be my animal totem. Thank you for your comments!
    Take care, Marlene

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