Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dusk--By Michael Escoubas--United States


is the
dream I had
amid this mix
of popcorn yellow--
this blaze of blue-purple
coming on at twilight time:
You in blue-shadowed silk, yellow
hair tumbling like white-water rapids,
night so simple, this one perfect moment.

(An Ekphrastic Poem in Etheree Form)

After retiring from a 48-year career in the printing industry in 2013, Michael Escoubas began writing poetry for publication. His study of and interest in poetry goes back some 30 years. During this time he studied classical and modern poets learning from their works and from critics who comment about them. Michael writes poetry in part because his mother once said, “You have a gift for words; you should do something with that gift.”


  1. I really enjoyed reading about this one perfect moment. What a lovely dream. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Jo,

    There is a nice photo taken by my brother that accompanies this poem -- would forward to interested parties.

  3. This is a great read, thank you so much for sharing it and good luck with all of yoru publishing endeavors!

  4. Thank you Peggy,

    Such encouragement means so much.

  5. I would enjoy seeing the accompanying photo, Michael.

    Thanks for offering.