Saturday, September 10, 2016

Glowbirds--By Sheikha A.--Pakistan and U.A.E.


Let us write wise words today
about the size of heaven.
If I were given a piece of it
larger than the sky and earth,

I’d borrow wings from birds
fly over their perch to glow
afore the sun.

I’d find a brave heart of a lonely 
hummingbird, and see its hollow
fill with the warmth of the moon.

I’d wish for opposites
like a river never turning dry
and watch it change the salty eyes 
of a fish to hope.

Let us write miracles today
about a piece of peace 
in a labourer’s crushed tin bowl.

Let us write today
about the size of heaven:
the synonyms for dreams.

Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and U.A.E. and often finds herself in a world of oscillation that most of the times motivates her writing too. She maintains a (or tries to) blog on