Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wells of Salvation--By Evelyn Splane

Wells of Salvation

I sat in the shadow, my harp I’d laid down.
I longed to be used, Lord; I hoped for a crown.
My soul seemed so dry, tho’; my heart sad and lone.
I heard then a whisper—here’s what it made known:

Wells of Salvation, springs that are pure,
Streams in the Desert, rivers of Life,
Oceans of blessings, fountains of love—
Cause me to drink, Lord ‘till my heart overflows.
God showed me a river, a clear flowing tide.
It came from a distance, its borders so wide.
It swept o’er my being, ‘till it purged all my stain.
It gave me my song back—Hear now the refrain.

Now from the flood tides that stream from God’s throne
I drink in the blessings and make them my own;
Then I dip from the cisterns deep down in my soul,
And pour out to others ‘till they be made whole.

At her own expense Evelyn Splane traveled many times back and forth from Canada, her homeland, to India for the fifty years she was an active missionary.  She lived in a modest, one-bedroom suite in the basement of a church, in Toronto. In April of 2006, due to her advancing age, and deteriorating health, she moved West to live with her sister and brother-in-law, Hart and Helen Dowd.  Now, as her health does not permit, she can no longer travel about from place to place in her homeland to create and renew an interest in the Lord's work in her adopted land of India. However, she generously gives of her meager income to help others go. (If you want to read more of Evelyn’s stories, check out:     


  1. Beautiful, inspiring words Evelyn! Thanks for sharing your heartfelt poem. God bless you...

  2. Oh so beautiful Evelyn. You are a woman after my heart. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.