Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Dear Whispers’ Family,

September’s activity was entitled, “Getting to Know You." Contributors were asked to give their name and country, their favorite poetry form, as well as share what they love about life: family, hobbies, work, etc. Thank you for your responses. Enjoy getting to know many of your fellow Whispers’ poets. Karen and I look forward to crafting writing activities that reflect the interests of Whispers’ ever-growing family of poets and readers.

With Appreciation,

Michael Escoubas, Activity Editor
Karen O’Leary, Editor

Pat Geyer, United States


I love photography and gardening. Photographing insects and saplings makes me realize that size has nothing to do with accomplishments in life. I cherish the smells that waft through the kitchen when I use the recipes that my Mother gave me. They never fail to remind me of our times cooking and baking together.

David Fox, United States


In addition to writing poetry (obviously), I like to bowl, watch TV (mostly game shows and sitcoms), go to movies and concerts and solve word-finds. 

Mary Jo Balistreri (Jo)--United States

Free verse/Haiku

My love is nature and my family, my special place, the ocean. I walk first thing in the morning, kind of a moving meditation. Afterward I read some poetry, then try to write a haiku. When the day's obligations and errands are finished, I write again.

Carolyn Martin, United States

Free Verse/Blank Verse

I love finding poetry everywhere: from TV shows to National Geographic articles, from creative comments my partner makes to the feral cats that roam our backyard. I also hate to go anywhere without a camera. It helps me focus on my surroundings, serving as a bridge not as a distraction.

Sunil Sharma, India

Free verse

I like to sing songs of the dispossessed; the marginalized, the deprived. Poetry---not about me or formalism but about the unsaid.

Annie Jenkin, England

Metered Rhyme

With a positive 'can do' approach, I have several hobbies, cycling, knitting, sewing, etc.  I am a sensitive soul, who delights in nature; listening and observing what is going on around me. Despite the odds, I enjoy life.

Aju Mukhopadhyay, India

Free Verse with rhymed and /or unrhymed lines as they occur spontaneously, making the creation a composite whole.

I take life as a unified whole; no activity like writing is separate. My knowledge and thirst; critical, analytical and creative are the outpourings of my being that work as a channel of communication between me and the outside world.  

Angelee Deodhar, India


I love writing on the go, don't mind waiting for a train/plane or standing in a queue as I always have scraps of paper on hand. I love collecting leaves, pebbles, beads, and making soap bubbles. I like walking barefoot in the rain. I like listening to instrumental Eastern and Western music when I write

Mary A. Couch, United States


I like short poetry forms, writing on nature & animals, reading sci-fi, crocheting, craft projects, ocean, mountains, and woodlands.

Alice B. Couch, United States


I enjoy my grandkids, great-grandkids, great-great grandkids, taking my dogs for a walk, writing short stories and poems, reading mystery novels.

Caryl Calsyn, United States

Free Verse

I am an 81 year old woman who forgets to tell myself that I am elderly.
I love history, historical homes, faith, family and friends. I deal with
the pain of losing loved ones too often.

Tricia Knoll, United States

Free Verse/Haiku/Pantoum

I'm retired from decades of communications work for municipal government. I'm a Master Gardener, fitness enthusiast, love dogs, am far to the left politically, and have more than 1,000 poems I've written organized in an elaborately organized database. I volunteer pruning rose bushes at Portland, Oregon's Rose Test Garden of 1,000 rose plants.

Martha Magenta, England


My interests include organic gardening, human and animal rights advocacy, herbalism, aromatherapy and poetry. I have written poetry on a wide variety of topics. I am owner of POETS community on Google Plus. I study haiku and tanka. Some of my haiku have been published in journals including Modern Haiku, Haiku Presence, Chrysanthemum, and Whispers.

Ralph Stott, England


Enjoy observing and capturing observations in small poetic forms. Member of British Haiku Society.

Michael Escoubas, United States

Free Verse/Etheree

I enjoy baseball, Presidential History, especially Civil War period history, writing nature poetry, and writing poems that feature my children and grandchildren.

Karen O’Leary, United States


I’ve always been a creative spirit—and have tried my hands at embroidery, needle point, home decorating (an ongoing love), sewing—to name a few.  Writing and reading are the only passions I’ve had since early childhood.  I did write a mammoth novel that sits on my shelf—computer copy—gone with a virus. I enjoy making greeting cards, too.

David Palmer, United States

Sonnet, Fibonacci, Micro Poetry

Former minister, I write about love and relationships, faith, hope, vision for the future, peace, history, travel, philosophy. I love writing in response to prompts, photo, word, or concept/idea.

Phyllis Babcock, Canada


First love is being a grandmother. I like to read books but my passion is poetry writing. Love getting to know people around the globe. I’m a people, nature and animal lover.

Barbara Tate, United States


Writing's my life.  Dogs & dog shows, horses & horse shows are my fun.  I value and hold close the many friendships made over the years.

Chelsea Jones, United States


Hi! I live in California. I'm interested in poetry, art, and music. I love collaborating with other artists and also creating multimedia pieces that involve all of my creative interests. I also love dogs.

Isha Wagner, New Zealand

Prose poetry

Since a young age travel has been my preoccupation, a deep-seated curiosity about peoples, countries, so I have traveled much. Despite this my spiritual journey is my dominant interest. I have made four journeys to northern India learning much and little from living masters. Life is so brief I know there is much, much more to learn.

Langley Shazor, United States

Haiku/Syllabic Forms

I have been only seriously writing for the last year. I love words and try to expand my vocabulary daily. I enjoy writing challenges and write most of my pieces on antique typewriters. I am currently launching a Middle School writing club to encourage creative writing and thinking in our youth. 

Jack Horne, England

Rhyme/New Forms

About myself: I'm 47, single & live in Plymouth. Writing & reading are my main hobbies. Quite a bit of my work has been published, including two poetry books & two novels (with a third novel due to be released in 2017).

Connie Marcum Wong, United States

Rhyme and Free Verse

I love writing about nature, the seasons, or reflections and thoughts about life, children, the animal kingdom, mythology. I often write about causes that mean a lot to me, concerning countries and their freedom and world affairs, current events that may concern everyone.

Sara Kendrick, United States

Poulter's Measure (8,6,8,6 syllables per line with rhyme on the 6)

Antiquated grandmother who loves to put a few thoughts upon a page which sometimes records some history. I enjoy watching sunrises and combining my thoughts with the changes in the sky. My time is limited now as to what I can do so the writing is less.


  1. Suzanne Delaney (SuZ) United States

    Free Verse, Iambic Tetrameter

    I was born in Tasmania, Australia and moved to the US as a young adult. I am now a naturalized citizen. I had a long career as a Registered Nurse
    Certified in Med/ Surg. Since I retired I began writing poetry as a result of meditation. I find inspiration everywhere especially from Nature, words and reading other poets' work. I enjoy trying other poetry forms, challenges from poetry forums and I am also passionate about all kinds of papercrafts.

    1. Dear Suzanne,

      This has been such a joy reading your addition to this column. It gives one the depth of the person behind the words. Michael is planning on using some of the information from this column to select activities writers can enjoy.


  2. Dear Suzanne,
    Thank you for sharing your background and interests with the Whispers' family of poets.

  3. I am a retired CPA living in south Louisiana. My life is about drinking with a coffee group, walking,working out, playing golf, watching clouds, drinking wine on my patio and occasionally writing poetry.

  4. I obviously do not know my own life. I also listen to classical music and read.

    1. Dear JT,

      I couldn't help but chuckle on your PS. When you're serving wine, count me in--just kidding. In addition to our writing it is nice to know the writers beyond the words. Thank you for your addition to this column.


  5. I love all forms of poetry but I think my favorite is the Etheree and Double Etheree. I like a challenge and that form challenges my abilities. I love to read scriptures, write in my journal and challenge myself daily to look for and find the good in the world around me. In this way I look to God and live. My family is also a great blessing mother of seven,grandmother of 30 and great grandmother of 18. I love any kind of creative endeavor. I love to do oil painting, crocheting and sing. I also love doing Genealogy. I have to admit however there is something I hate. And that is that I don't have enough time in the day to do all that I love to do. :)

    1. Dear Charlene
      Thank you for your response to September's activity. I, too, love the Etheree form. Would love to read some of yours.

    2. Dear Charlene,

      What an insightful addition to this column, my friend. I can relate to not having enough time to do all we cherish to do. We walk this world--even with the challenges--in a field of rainbows.

      Blessings my friend,

  6. Paul Callus ~ Safi, Malta (Europe). I like various forms of poetry, mostly those involving rhyme; I also like short forms such as haiku and tanka. I'm married, have 2 children and a granddaughter. I'm a retired teacher. My hobbies are sports, reading, painting, research, writing songs, swimming, long fast walks and travelling. My favourite drinks are black coffee and an occasional glass of red wine.

    1. Dear Paul,

      I truly enjoyed your addition to this column--it gives one the a bit about us to help Michael to plan activities for upcoming months. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

      Blessings, my friend,

  7. Thanks Michael for your response and I want to thank everyone on Whispers for sharing your stories. A beautiful group to be a part of.
    Prayers go out to Karen for good health and a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks so much Suzanne for your prayers and encouragement. Life isn't always easy, but there still are rainbows in each new day.


  8. Thank you, Maricris, for the following--

    Maricris Cabrera, Philippines


    I love writing poetry, reading books, cross stitching, gardening and walking by the seashore at sunrise and sunset.
    I love music and hoarding different beautiful pictures.

  9. Dear Maricus,

    It is so good to have you a part of our Whispers community. Guess what? I have so many of your hobbies that I enjoy, too. Keep your poetry flowing and looking forward to reading more of your verse in the future.