Friday, September 9, 2016

The Plum Tree--By Neil Creighton--Australia

The Plum Tree

For my grandchildren, Bella, Jett,
Eleanor, Max, Emmanuel and James

Look little ones,
The leaves have turned yellow,
The sky is pure blue,
The day mild and mellow.

Look little ones,
The trees have turned bare,
There’s frost in the morning
And cold everywhere.

Look little ones,
There’s buds on the trees,
Flowers are blossoming
And buzzing with bees.

Look little ones,
In this blossoming blooming
The cycle of life
Is forever renewing.

Neil Creighton lives with his wife, Diana, on a small property northwest of Sydney. He loves trees, bush walking and that moment when summer's heat seeps away and the world turns towards Autumn. He loves Labrador dogs. He loves the shimmer, glow and music of words. His poems have been published in anthologies and many journals. He blogs at "Wind of Flowers. Poems by Neil Creighton.”


  1. everyone must love plums and plum poems!

  2. Hi Neil: How beautiful to pass on your knowledge and love of Nature to the little ones
    I enjoyed reading this one.bBest SuZ