Wednesday, January 31, 2018

City I--By Feby Joseph--India

City I

This is the house of metallic and steel sounds
            Of grinding machines rushing on to tomorrow
As the green fields and skies fade fast
            And the sun delays in its path on the morrow.
This dissonant symphony serenading deaf ears
            As truth from its way clears
            Marching steadily to a finale of sorrow

Yet if I smile, it’s only because of you
           That hope lives on, deep within this dark shell.
Your lessons of empathy and kindness
            Causes doubt in the face of gold to dispel
Your promises pull me past all the imminent sorrow –
            I can see on that beautiful morrow
            Butterflies thriving where moths now dwell.

Feby Joseph is a spiritual vagabond still trying to figure it out. He hails from the beautiful South Indian coastal state of Kerala seeped in green and poetry. He's currently working in a desert – counting other’s money while words waltz about in his head.


  1. beautiful words indeed - especially like the last line

  2. Dear Feby,

    I enjoyed reading your 'spiritual vagabond words'.
    Thank you for your contribution.

    Best wishes,

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Feby. Continued blessings!


  4. Beautifully written and very visual in its presentation.