Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rise Up and Follow Me--By Allan Ball--England

Rise Up and Follow Me 

Slowly without relish
Dawned a brand new day
Long ago he realised
No one cared in any way

Unloved by anybody 
Called out one final time
Jesus, can you hear me
I'm not guilty of this crime

You know that I am innocent
A victim of circumstance
I was in the local vicinity
Lord, I never stood a chance

He felt his heartbeat quicken
Soon to take his final breath
A lonely anguished figure
Only seconds from his death

An inner voice of reassurance said
My son, I heard your heartfelt plea
You asked for my assistance
Rise up and follow me.

Allan Ball has retired from a career in the Banking and Financial sector. Writing is both peaceful and rewarding, the written word allows our hearts to speak. His poems have been published in Anthologies.


  1. Hello Karen, Thank you very much for the encouraging message in your e mail . I have recommended two excellent poets to share their poetry, here at Whispers.Blessings Allan .

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jack . I appreciate you taking the time to
      comment . Allan.

  3. Dear Allan,

    Thank you for your perceptive poem, well written, and for your ongoing support to Whispers. Nice of you to recommend other writers to our journal.

    Best wishes,