Saturday, January 20, 2018

From Our Activity Feature Editor—Jack Horne--England

Dear Writers,

Rhyming poetry or free verse. Which do you prefer?

I used to think that free verse wasn’t ‘proper poetry’ (like playing tennis with the net down, as my hero Robert Frost once said) and that only rhyming verse was true poetry...strictly rhyming, metrical poems, that is. But wasn’t I missing out on some great poetry? Of course I was. It took Carol Ann Duffy’s wonderful ‘Valentine’ to first show me the error of my ways.

Now I believe it doesn’t matter if we write in rhyming metric or free verse. It’s the words that count and the feeling behind each word.  Surely, those are the things that strike a chord with readers and make them feel like the writer is speaking directly to them. Well, after all, don’t we all feel some sort of special bond with our favourite writers?

We all share a common love of words. That has brought us together. Let’s enjoy the fellowship and the friendship!

Best wishes to all our Whispers' family – or ‘Whisperers’, as I call us,



  1. Dear Jack, Robert Frost is also one of my favourite poets. And I think that 'Rhyming poetry' was of course the general form in earlier days as the poetry of my great-grandfather and great-uncle. But poetry is much more than rhymes and it depends on the words and expressiveness.
    Loved your words, dear friend!

  2. Dear Jack,

    Not long ago, I didn't know Free Verse exists and thought poems must rhyme. For me, free verse opened many doors to the World of Words.
    I totally agree that it doesn't matter which style you prefer, I always say if you write from the heart, others will be touched by your words.


  3. I started writing in rhyme and it will always be my preference but now I try so many different forms Jack:-) love Jan form the Isle of Man see I can't stop the rhyme xx

  4. Some of all poetry has drawn me in but also as in music some of it isn't that appealing. I just have to find the ones that suit me. Sometimes it is the way the words flow and sometimes it is the content and sometimes both. Very interesting thoughts that you have shared with us about poetry. Sara

  5. Thank you for the lovely responses

  6. Some children were read bedtime 'stories'--I was read poetry by my grandmother each day. I love all forms and enjoy writing most of them. Don't know what I'd do without poetry!! Thank you Grandma and all friends who keep me inspired.

  7. All my earlier poems were written in rhyme, but eventually I realized that free verse was also a very useful tool. Nowadays I feel comfortable with both. Best regards ... paul

  8. Jack,
    I write mostly in rhyme but have written also in free verse, haiku and lesser known, rhymed and non-rhyme poems. Every style matters and deserves to be shared. Thanks Jack for sowing that free verse poetry and rhymed poetry both matter!
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

  9. Thanks for your insightful comments. This is such a supportive community

  10. Like you Jack, I always thought poetry was supposed to rhyme, but have come to love the freedom to express myself more fully with "free verse". I want to do more of it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  11. Jack,

    I agree with and am inspired by your thoughts. Thank you for shining your light here at Whispers.

    -MJ (