Saturday, February 23, 2013

Falling Rain--By Linda Hurdwell--England

Linda Hurdwell

Falling Rain

Raindrops glisten on nature's leaves
Tears from a lonely lover
I gently swab them with my sleeve
Like a tender, caring Mother

Raindrop tears inside our hearts
Cleansing all our love
Our souls are free as showers depart
With spirits from above.

Linda Hurdwell has been a widow for 5 years.  She has two adult sons. Living in the English countryside, she takes her dog, Bessie, for a daily walks and that's where many of her poems and stories are born.  She has always loved writing and has a few short stories published.  Although now a pensioner,  she enjoys working with adults with learning disabilities and running a mencap social club once a week.  Her hobbies are writing, tap dancing, and going to the theatre or cinema with my friends.


  1. When I think of tears I think of a special cleansing. Enjoyable reading - moving.


  2. Hi Linda,
    I loved the descriptiveness of this poem. A very nice read
    and well written.

  3. Hi Linda:
    Lovely the redemption aspect in this poem
    it is transformative.

  4. A beautifully composed poem. Reflective yet taking you forward. Thanks for the share, ralph.