Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Answer to Truth--By Dena M. Ferrari--United States

Answer to Truth

To each in a dream one travels in thought
Problems arise and the answer can solve
An idea that grows and in sudden fraught
Fleeting consequences will bring resolve.

Allegorically speaking the mind finds
Imagination in clarity sees
The true path that ultimately walks the lines
Between the righteousness and strange thought frees.

Budding intentions to another craves
Human Nature survives on their own truths
The distinct thoughts and dreams, they have, enslaves.
The final outcome cry of thoughts aloof.

Question that which ponders a train of thought
Blossoming an answer, the truth is wrought.

Ink flows in Dena's blood and spills its words upon the Parchment of Time...
Writing since four years old, she has a lifetime of created works in many genres.
Inspiration in Nature draws more work as Dena's Muse is relentless. Thank you Karen for having this work displayed....


  1. Beautiful words - can we expect anything less from this wonderful expressive poet. She carries a heart full of joy that she shares with all. Wonderful poetry Dena...


  2. Thank you Rhoda...You always say the sweetest things!!
    How well we all have a need to share our words....
    They breathe for each of us in different ways...
    Some....even take...our breath away...
    Hmmmm...there MAYbe something in that statement I can use!
    *Stay Tuned...same bat channel...same bat time!!*
    Karen....thank you again...
    You are doing a great job!
    Love what you have started...Keep up all the great work!
    Brightest Blessings to you and yours!

  3. Great piece. 'Human Nature survives on their own truths". How true!

  4. Where would we be, as poets, without our train of thoughts! Thanks for the share and your motivational piece. Ralph

  5. Thank you, Phyllis Babcock, for the following comment--

    A wonderful write-very expressive about human nature.